We are a manufacturer of small-sized solvent recycling systems with the longest sales history and the largest number of systems delivered.
More than 2000 solvent recycling systems have been delivered. The system is operated for automotive parts manufacturing, coating, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics related product manufacturing, resin related product manufacturing, and adhesive related, printing related and semiconductor related product manufacturing.

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Model list

solvent recycling system

  • CA100 series
    • CA101
    • CA103V
  • CA102
  • CA800 series
    • CA801
    • CA802
    • CA803
    • CA804
    • CA805
  • CA811 series
  • CA900 series
    • CA901
    • CA902
    • CA903
    • CA904
    • CA905
    • CA907
    • CA908

parts cleaning system

  • CA400 series
    • CA401
    • CA402
    • CA403
    • CA404
  • CA405
  • CA407

deodorizing system

  • CA700-20
  • CA700-70
View of solvent recycling

Solvent before distillation

About sample test

We conduct solvent recycling sample testing and cleaning testing of the parts cleaning system. You can witness these tests in person! We will adjust the schedule for customers individually.

Note: Depending on the type and volume of sample liquid, you may be liable for the cost. Please inquire with us in advance.

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Certified as an enterprise with excellent technology originating from Kobe

Among small and medium-sized manufacturing enterprises in Kobe City, we were certified as an enterprise with excellent technology originating from Kobe. With unique, top-level, original technology and manufacturing capability, we have obtained a position with a high marketshare!